Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wish I Was There, Episode 1: Blocking the Aisle

I was sorting through my e-mail and came across an old one by a departed friend of mine which contained the following story, which I am at liberty to share with you:

"I was invited to my friend's sister's wedding, and one of the young boy-relatives (about 10-ish, I think) was tasked with carrying the cross down the aisle at church. He didn't seem eager to do it. I overheard the boy's dad saying that it's just like Gandalf carrying the staff (guess the kid liked the LOTR [Lord of the Rings] movies), and that made the boy more excited to do it.

"Well, the church music starts playing, and the boy is lifting the cross proudly as he lead the priest and altar boys down the aisle. And when he gets halfway, he suddenly turns around, clonks the base of the cross on the floor, and yells:


"Long story short, they had to start over."