Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who’s Blogging Now?

Hello. I’m Xum (pronounced “Zoom”) Yukinori, and yes, I have a blog now. Who would’ve thought? Those who know (of) me from Twitter and Facebook know that I hardly use these amazing technological wonders to transmit the latest trivial nonsense from my sometimes scrambled noggin to the mostly faceless masses.

Facebook was designed to bring people together, and I would like to think that for many people, it does. But in my case, most of my close friends don’t use the site; a majority of my Facebook “friends” are people I hardly know at all. And they hardly know me.

This blog is supposed to help change that. This will be a forum for me to share my stories, views, and insights from my personal experiences. Not that I claim to be an expert in anything, or one to give advice, but this blog will help those who know of me to actually know me… and for those who already know me to get to know me a little better. That is what the social media is supposed to be for, after all.

Or maybe this will end up being a collection of random self-serving claptrap that will add to the digital noise that is already bombarding a technologically numb world.

Let’s find out. Onward.

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