Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Secrets of a Super-Hero Sketch Artist: "Candid Camera" with Attitude

Here is a little preview of my submission for the 88th "The Line It Is Drawn," which will feature the topic of "comic book characters on reality shows." My chosen Twitter suggestion involved the MTV series "punk'd" -- which was pretty much the only reality show in the U.S. that I was familiar with (essentially "Candid Camera" with attitude... right?).

This is a separate illustration that will be overlayed on a view screen in my final piece to reveal to the comic book character victims that they have been "punk'd". As for who gets "punk'd", and how, you'll have to wait until The Line It Is Drawn #88 goes live.

You can see #88 starting May 3rd, as well as past editions anytime, here:


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